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Enhancing Labour Market Integration of Migrants in Austria

Are you a migrant who wants foreign qualifications recognised in Austria?

Are you working with migrants and want to enhance your processes?

Are you an employer looking for talented professionals to fill skills gaps?


Welcome to INDIMA, an AI-powered software solution that improves the labor market integration of migrants and optimizes processes!

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What is INDIMA?

At INDIMA, we believe that diversity is a strength, and every individual's skills are invaluable. Our mission is to revolutionize labour market integration for migrants in Austria by harnessing the power of AI technology. We streamline foreign qualification recognition for a seamless path to professional success.

What we offer

Qualification Assessment


Our AI-driven system evaluates your foreign qualifications against Austrian university curricula.

Competence Matching


We identify additional qualifications that might be required for recognition by Austrian government.

Employer Matching


We seamlessly bridges the gap, simplifying the process of labour market integration.

Student und Tutor
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Whether you are a skilled immigrant ready to contribute, an employer ready to be enriched by diversity, or an educational institution striving for growth - INDIMA is your trusted ally.

Thank You!

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