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Qualification assessment BETA

Welcome to our beta qualification assessment

We at INDIMA are pleased to introduce you to our BETA Qualification Assessment Tool. This innovative tool is designed to help you evaluate your academic qualifications,  and pave your path to success. Discover how this tool can transform your career prospects.

The BETA assessment tool

How does it work?

Our Beta Assessment Tool is a partially automated system that evaluates your foreign qualifications according to Austrian standards. It's a simple, three-step process:


Step 1- Enter your qualifications:

Enter details about your qualifications and our AI technology will evaluate them.

Step 2 - Get a Review:

You will receive a detailed assessment of your qualifications by email within one week.

Step 3 - Plan your next steps:

Use this assessment to improve your skills and seek official recognition in Austria.

Why you should use INDIMA?

Exact rating:

Our AI-controlled tool ensures a reliable assessment of your qualifications and compares them with Austrian standards.


Time efficiency:

Bypass that bureaucratic hurdles and receive your results in just two weeks, directly by email.



Determine the additional qualifications you need for the official recognition from ENIC NARIC or universities and technical colleges.

Various possibilities:

Take advantage of a wealth of opportunities and improve your career prospects.

Start today

Use our BETA assessment tool

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